What We Do

At Hofkin Capital, we offer sophisticated, hedge fund–style portfolio management – but without the major disadvantages that hedge fund investors often must bear.

Our Portfolios

Like hedge funds, we offer a single, sharply differentiated investment style. We own virtually the same securities in nearly identical proportions for all client portfolios – and we conduct a detailed conversation with every prospective investor to make sure that our distinctive strategy is suitable for a particular client’s investment objectives, risk appetite and tolerance, liquidity needs, and other considerations.

Unlike with hedge funds, however, investor assets are not commingled; all clients have their own separate accounts. Also unlike with many hedge funds, in which limited partner clients are unable either to see what they own or to make redemptions outside of a handful of dates per year, our investors have complete transparency regarding the securities in their portfolios and may withdraw funds from, add funds to, or close their accounts at any time. In addition, our minimum investment is an order of magnitude lower than with most hedge funds, making our investment style accessible to a much larger pool of investors. Lastly, we do not engage in the kinds of high-risk strategies that many hedge funds frequently employ (such as taking outsize positions in highly volatile stocks).

We manage our portfolios on a fully discretionary basis, and our fee is based on a percentage of assets under management.

Our Investors

We believe that our approach to capital growth and preservation is suitable to a wide range of investors – small and large, individual and institutional – and we manage all manner of both taxable and non-taxable accounts, including pension plans, profit-sharing plans, both traditional and Roth IRA’s, 401(k) plans, trust accounts, and ordinary personal accounts.

Most important, we eat our own cooking. We invest much of our own personal and family money right alongside our clients’ assets, investing in the same mix of securities and according to a common overarching strategy.